Wyoming Casinos

Wyoming is known as ‘The Equality State’ among other nicknames such as ‘The Cowboy State’ & ‘Big Wyoming.’ According to the 2010 census, the state is home to 563,626 people and is ranked 50th as far as population. As far as area, the state is ranked 10th as it covers 97,814 square miles. Wyoming is a state where nearly all forms of gambling are illegal, not many of the states within the United States completely block out gambling because it is a rich source of revenue however, Wyoming is able to completely function without using gambling as a source. In Wyoming one form of gambling that is legal is betting on chariot or chuck wagon races.

Land Based Casinos

In Wyoming, it is illegal for any person to own, operate or gambling within any building that features games of chance. In addition to that, there are two casinos located within the state which are operated by the Northern Arapaho tribe. These two casinos are somewhat smaller style casinos and offer games like Video slots & beat the dealer card games. In order for players to participate in gambling here, they must be 18 or over. Another form of gambling that is legal within the state is pari-mutuel horse and dog racing bets. Currently, there are several different racing tracks located around the state of Wyoming, for this kind of gambling players must be 18 or over to participate as well. A few other facts pertaining to Wyoming gambling laws, it is illegal for a person to be a professional gambler within the state, it is also illegal for anyone to possess any kind of gambling devices unless, they are deemed as antiques and are only being used for private enjoyment. One law that doesn’t seem to make much sense is that it is also illegal to wager with a stranger or anyone a person does not have a social relationship with.

Online Casinos

Currently, Wyoming does not list any laws prohibiting it’s citizens from gambling online. The federal law does however prohibit players from making deposits with their bank account information or their credit card. Players have since found many different methods to make deposits like eWallets and money gram transactions. Players can find hundreds of games when gambling online, usually more games than in casinos like poker, blackjack, keno, baccarat and slots. Players can download the software right to their computer for convenient access to all of the games. Alternatively for those who wish to play without downloading anything, an instant play version of the software is available.

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