Washington Gambling

Washington is known throughout the United States as ‘The Evergreen State.’ The state capital is Olympia & the largest city is Seattle. The state is currently ranked 18th as far as area as it spans over 71,300 square miles. For population, the state ranks number 13 and is home to 6,744,496 miles. Washington is easily confused with Washington DC however the state located on the edge of the Pacific Ocean is also known as ‘The State of Washington.’ Seattle is the home to the first revolving restaurant which is located inside of the ever-famous space needle which opened in 1961.

Land Based Gambling

Washington has more forms of gambling available than any other state aside from Las Vegas, here the state offers pari-mutuel betting, casino gambling, card rooms & more. Within the state of Washington there are many different card rooms available which offer limited Texas Hold Em’ Games and No-Limit games as well, players will also find bingo halls throughout the state which specialize in just bingo. Casinos in Washington are able to provide many different kinds of gaming and tribal casinos are able to feature slots gaming along with tables & card games with video poker as well. For casino gaming, players can be 18 or 21 depending on the casinos limits. The state law in Washington allows players who are 18 and over to make bets inside a casino however, it is up to each casino to make their own rules as far as age limits go. There is also a state lottery in Washington, which allows players who are 18 and over to participate in games like; Match 4, Daily Game, Daily Keno, Lotto, Hit 5, Powerball, Mega Millions & more. Pari-mutuel betting is also available within the state of Washington which allows player who are 18 and over to bet on horse racing events.

Online Casinos

Washington is one of the few states that actually has a law against online gambling; the law is punishable up to a misdemeanor however, in the United States collectively only 1 person throughout history has been prosecuted for gambling over the internet. This happened after the player received a win of $300,000.00. In most jurisdictions, online gambling is looked upon as a ‘victimless offense’ therefore the activity is not sought after by law enforcement because there are more urgent issues to attend to. In fact, more & more states are pressing their governmental officials to fully regulate and legalize online gambling and poker because it has proven to be a good source of revenue for countries like Italy.