Utah Casinos

Utah is nicknamed ‘The Beehive State’ This name came from the state’s roots as Early Mormon settlers were know to carry swarms of bees. Utah is home to nearly 3 million people and it is ranked 34th in the United States as far as population and 13th as far as area. The state covers 84,899 square miles. The city named Levan earned it’s name because it is ‘Navel’ spelled backwards and it is the middle of the state. The largest employer within the state is actually the Utah State Government. The Great Salt Lake is 75 miles long and 35 miles wide and covers more than 1 million acres.

Land Based Casinos

Many believe that in Utah, there is no gambling to be found. This is actually untrue. The reason most believe this is because Utah is one of two states where gambling is actually banned. For Utah the reasoning behind the state laws pertaining to gambling is due to the fact that most people believe that gambling is an addictive activity. Also, within Utah church has a lot of cultural influence over the state. However, of course like other states that prohibit gambling there are illegal poker & gambling rooms throughout the state. One form of gambling that can be found in the state of Utah is Bingo! There are a few different places for a bingo player to find this game. Basically in order to get around the laws some restaurants allow players to purchase dinner for a flat fee, along with their dinner they are given a bingo card and the game of bingo is played while they dine. In Utah it was brought to the attention of officials that this was happening, the issue ended up being seen in court however the bingo halls were allowed to continue operating. Those bingo halls are; Riverdale Dinner & Bingo, Annie’s Dinner & Bingo Club, & Southgate Dinner & Bingo.

Online Casinos

Though Utah has no lottery, pari-mutuel betting or land based casinos, the state does not have any laws against online gambling. Per federal law players are allowed to participate in any kind of gambling at age 18 given their state does not have laws of it’s own. Online gambling in the United States is a legal form of entertainment however, there is a law against players using their bank accounts or credit cards to make deposits with. When gambling online players will find many different games and promotions. Most casinos offer games into the hundreds with slots, tables, card games & more. Players can choose from many different promotions as well. Most casinos offer a huge welcome package which will boost the players deposit with a deposit match bonus. Other casinos may offer a free chip for the player to use which allows them to test out the software before making a deposit. Most online casinos give the players a choice to either download the software or play instantly on the website with a flash powered version of the game.