New York

New York Casinos

New York has had a very long history with gambling. The beginning of the state’s gambling days started as far back as 1821 when a ban was placed throughout the state as a part of the Second Constitution for the state of New York. All forms of gambling including lotteries would be banned and were deemed illegal. From there the next major step toward the legalization of gambling took place in 1894 when pari-mutuel horse race betting was made legal. The next form of gambling that was made legal was bingo which took place on November 5th 1957. Any forms of bingo being played must be regulated and supervised by local government officials. In 1975 the sale of lottery tickets was made legal as well, this was support education within the state of New York. Again in 1975 certain games of chance that were organized by religious groups or non-profit organizations were deemed legal.

Land Based Casinos

It wasn’t until 1993 that class III Indian casinos were legalized within the state. This means players are able to make bets against the casino within games like Slots, Craps & Blackjack. The first casino was opened by the Oneida Tribe mid-year in 1993. Any advertising for casinos that took place before 1999 was deemed illegal unless it was for Indian operated casinos or lotteries on the television or radio station. After 1999 it was ruled that advertising of any kind would be legal for any type of casino or gambling. In the state of New York there is no age for playing bingo for money or for entering into charity gambling events. This means the player should revert back to the federal law which is 18 and over. Players will find, like in California some casinos will welcome players who are 18 and others will welcome players who are 21 and over. This depends on the casino. The state of New York allows those who are 18 and over to gamble. For pari-mutuel betting a player must be 18 or over along with the lottery.

Online Casinos

Online gambling has been an ongoing issue for most states. There is no law against online gambling within the state of New York. Therefore, players are eligible to game online when they are 18 and over. Some are confused by the passing of the UIGEA in 2006 which only prohibits banks & credit card companies from processing any online casino transactions. This law doesn’t specifically state a player is prohibited from playing online. Since the passing of this bill, several different methods for deposits have been created such as money gram & many more.