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New Jersey Casinos

New Jersey has gaming roots as far back as 1870, where horse racing was a popular leisure activity at The Monmouth Park Racetrack. Since then New Jersey has had windy road when it came to the legalization of gambling. In 1894 New Jersey banned any type of gambling. From there gambling remained illegal until 1970 when the first New Jersey Lottery was instituted. Since the state lottery was a legal form of gambling some question why horse racing was still illegal, in 1977 thoroughbred racing began once again and was legal. Soon after in 1987 the state approved casino gambling when Atlantic City then became the second largest city for casino gambling aside from of course, Las Vegas which for quite some time had been the only casino city available to United State citizens. In Atlantic City, Resorts Atlantic City was the first casino to open it’s doors to the public in 1978. Since 1978 all forms of gambling have been legal in the state.

Land Based Casinos

In New Jersey there are several different kinds of gaming, here players can choose from many different forms of gambling. Horse racing is the oldest kind of gambling that is still legal today. Players only need to be 18 and over to make bets on horse racing events and other parimutuel betting. As for the lottery, players also only need to be 18 and over to play. Bingo & charity events follow the same laws as well. Casinos however, maintain the usual 21 age limit for players to start gaming within the casino. In New Jersey, casinos offer all of the most popular games like poker, keno, table games, card games, slots & more.

Online Casinos

Since 2006 there has always been a debate over the legal stance for online gambling. Currently, there is no federal law in place that prohibits players from making bets and playing online casino games. The law that usually causes some confusion is the UIGEA, this law strictly prohibits banking & other financial institutions like credit card companies from funding or accepting any transaction from an online casino account. This law however does not prohibit the player from making bets. In New Jersey there are no specific laws about online gambling as well. Furthermore, since 2006 there have been no issues or cases against players who gambled online within the state. In the beginning of 2011 several bills were proposed to open online casinos that would be regulated by the state. This would also give the state the opportunity to make additional revenue from the tax income however, the bill was eventually vetoed buy the senate. Since then, a few of the casinos in Atlantic city are still pushing to try and have these bills passed.

The latest boom in the gaming industry is now in New Jersey! As of February 28th, 2013 the state of New Jersey passed a law which will allow online gambling to be fully legalized from within the state. States such as Nevada and Delaware have also signed laws as well to legalize the newest casino gaming trend. Players in New Jersey are concerned with the visitor numbers to the land based casinos and resorts as in Atlantic City, they have been on the decline for some years now. The state does not foresee this as an issue as many of the players will be new to the gaming world entirely. While it was possible for players to gamble online before, now it is fully legal for major NJ casinos to move online.

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