Montana Casinos

Montana has rich gambling history which begins with controversy in 1862 back in the gold mining days when gold was first discovered in the state. A group of Three people dealt a game of cards like the old shell games, would take the miners for their gold dust. This left a mark for Montana when the first legislature came about in 1864 when ‘three card monte’ was banned throughout the state along with other card and dice games. From then on in 1869 new legislature was passed where the state could begin collecting license fees from gaming which was about $50 a month for each table for games of chance. In the original Montana constitution in 1889 it contained an anti-gaming section which blocked any lotteries or gift enterprises for any reason. At the turn of the century any games of chance with dice, cards, slots or wagered games were prohibited as well. Finally, in 1925 the state fair in Great Falls began allowing pari-mutuel betting at horse races this however, was without proper authority, later the state fair was legal to begin betting on horse racing. The next big step toward the legalization of gambling in Montana wasn’t until 1937 when dominoes, bridge, blackjack & other card games were legalized in drug stores if they paid a license fee of $10 annually.

Land Based Casinos

As it stands today Montana has 18 casinos available to the players including, Jackpot Casino, Locomotive Inn Casino, Lucky Lil’s, Sawbuck Casino & many more. Players must be 18 & older to enter a casino in Montana. Here players can find any game they can think of from craps, blackjack, slots & more. Montana also allows pari-mutuel betting as well on horse racing. Currently in the state there are 5 different race tracks including, Yellowstone Downs, Western Montana Fair, Northwest Montana Fair, Montana State Fair & Marias Fairgrounds. Players must be 18 and over to participate. This state also has it’s own lottery where players can play games like Montana Cash, Powerball, Hot Lotto & Mega Millions. Players must be 18 and over to participate in the lottery as well. Bingo & Charity events for money are also permitted for players who are 18 and over.

Online Casinos

Online gaming within Montana is also legal. Though players will not find a casino online that is located in the United States they can still play at many casinos located over seas. One of the great things about playing online are the bonuses. Players can choose from many welcome bonuses and more. The UIGEA prohibits players from making deposits or processing withdrawals from a United States bank account or credit card account. Players from Montana who are 18 and over can gamble online.

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