Massachusetts Casinos

Massachusetts is known as ‘The Bay State’ & has borders of Rhode Island & Connecticut, New York & Vermont. Though the state is ranked 44th in terms of area it is ranked 14th in population where it is home to roughly 6 million people. Massachusetts participates in many different kinds of gambling including pari-mutuel horse racing, the lottery, casinos and more.

Land Based Casinos

Currently in the state of Massachusetts, there are 2 different casinos. These aren’t your typical casinos here, players will be gaming on the water and must be 21 and over to participate in the gaming action. The lack of casinos may be changing soon for Massachusetts as the state governor, Deval Patrick has just signed a bill for the legalization of gambling within the state. Some feel this was the last tie for the state to it’s Puritan culture. Though land based gaming is a long ways off, this is a major step in the right direction for those who would like to gamble without taking one of the cruises offered. Gambling within Massachusetts is offered to those who are 21 and over.

The Massachusetts State lottery is also available to those who are 18 and over with many different games like Powerball, Numbers Game, Mega Millions, Megabucks Doubler, Mass Cash, Keno & more. The Lottery in Massachusetts started back in September on the 27th 1971. Massachusetts was one of the first states to have a lottery. Massachusetts also participates in pari-mutuel betting for both greyhound racing and horse racing. Currently in the state there are two horse racing facilities and one dog racing facility. Here players can make bets at either event when they become 18 or over. Pari-mutuel betting in Massachusetts started way back in 1934 when the state legalized this form of betting. Bingo and Charity events are also legal here and allow those who are 18 and over to participate.

Online Casinos

Massachusetts currently does not have any laws against online gambling. There is one federal law which prohibits players from making deposits or withdrawals with their bank account or credit card information. This law was passed in 2006, for those who would like to participate in online gaming, the legal age is 18 or over. Players can find many different deposit methods that are actually more secure than using their bank account or credit card information such as eWallets. eWallets act as a middle man in financial transactions. A player will need to sign up with the eWallet of their choice, from there they can make a deposit from their checking account to their eWallet account which will then make the deposit into their casino account. There is one additional step using this method however, using this method prevents the player’s private banking information from reaching the casino.