Maryland Casinos

Maryland has several different nicknames, the state is known as the Old Line State, the Free State and Little America. The state is home to about 5,773,552 citizens according to the 2010 census. Gambling has a big presence in Maryland, the state currently has casinos and offers a state lottery as well. The gambling age varies here depending on which type of gambling a player would like to do.

Land Based Casinos

Gambling has it’s roots in Maryland that dates back hundreds of years but in recent history as of 1973 when the state began a lottery which includes Instant games, a lotto, a daily numbers game and keno. The state also participates in a six-state big game lotto. Then in 1974 Maryland allowed an ‘interest-only’ lottery that was based upon Great Britain’s premium bonds. To play the Maryland state lottery players must be 18 or over.

Maryland also participates in pari-mutuel betting, this has taken place in the state as far back as hundreds of years ago. The Pimlico track in Baltimore has been in operation since 1870 and is located at the edge of Baltimore. This track is actually the location of the most notable match race in United States history when in 1938 Seabuscuit won a match against War Admiral which was a triple crown winner. Currently the state of Maryland offers 4 pari-mutuel horse racing tracks. Here, players must be 18 or over to place bets.

Maryland was one of the last states to allow slots gaming casinos within the state. As of November 2008, the state signed a law allowing 15,000 slot machines at 5 different locations. The first land based casino in Maryland was opened and named the Hollywood casino which is located in Perryville. Since then, in January of 2011, a second casino was opened which has 750 slot machines and is located near Ocean City. To play in a casino in Maryland players must be 21 or over.

Online Casinos

The state of Maryland does not prohibit online gambling and allows players who are 18 and over. There are major differences between gambling in a casino and gambling online. One of the major perks is the promotions. Typically, an online casino will have much better deposit match bonuses & promotions than a land based casino. Currently in the United States per the Federal Government there is only 1 law pertaining to online gambling which is the UIGEA which only prohibits players from using their bank or credit card information to make a deposit or process a withdrawal.