Kentucky Casinos

Kentucky is ‘The Bluegrass State’ and is known as home to nearly 4.5 million residents. This number puts the state as number 37th as far as rank in the United States for population. The state takes up just 40,409 square miles of the United States which puts the state at 37th as far as area. The state is bordered by Tennessee, Missouri, Indiana & West Virginia.

Land Based Gambling

Kentucky has many different racetracks and allows pari-mutuel betting for players who are 18 and over. Horse racing is found all over the state which features tracks like Kentucky Downs, Churchill Downs, Red Mile, Kenneland Race Course, & Turfwar Park. The state also has a state lottery which is a great way for the state to gain revenue and fund public services, schools and much more. The state lottery offers games like Powerball, Mega Millions, Pick 3, Pick 4, Cash Ball, Decades of Dollars, & Three Line. Players can participate in the lottery at age 18 and up. The state currently does not have any casinos to play at however, some racing facilities may offer table games & slots. Kentucky also allows players to participate in bingo & charity events at age 18 and over.

Online Casinos

Since the state of Kentucky does not have any casinos, players can choose to play at online casinos since there are no laws within the state prohibiting this kind of gambling. The Federal Government allows players to participate in gambling at age 18, the current law regarding deposits is the UIGEA which prohibits players from making deposits with their bank account or credit card. This is to lower the chances of money laundering and any other currency related crimes. Players will find in online casinos that there is a much bigger selection of games from tables, to card games, slots, keno and even games that are more popular in other countries like European blackjack & roulette. Players will also be delighted to find that the promotions online are much better than those found in land based casinos, players can choose from many different sign up bonuses from no deposit bonuses to deposit match bonuses for more chances to win big. Most online casinos feature a downloadable casino which allows the player to have all of the games right on their computer. For those who wish to play without downloading the software, they can utilize a flash version of the software which features all of the games.