Kansas Casinos

Kansas has many different names, some know it as the Sunflower State, the Midway State, The Wheat State and some know it as the Jayhawk State. Kansas became a state way back in 1861. Kansas is smack in the middle of the United States. Legal gambling has only occurred within the last 30 years or so, some states have legalized gambling more recently than others, some states haven’t legalized gambling at all. Kansas for instance has only had legal gambling since 1974 when voters approved a constitutional amendment to legalize charitable bingo. Within the state, visitors and residents can take part in charity bingo at age 18. From there in 1986 voters then approved more constitutional amendments when allowing pari-mutuel wagering at both dog racing tracks and horse racing tracks now, players must be 21 or over to take part in this kind of betting. As for the rest of the 1990′s four different Native American Tribes opened casinos after signing contracts with the state of Kansas.

Land Based Casinos

Currently in the state of Kansas pari-mutuel betting is legal for both dog & horse tracks. The state offers 3 different horse racing tracks and one dog racing track for those who are 21 and over and would like to participate in this kind of gambling. Kansas also offers casinos within the state that are located on reservations. Within the state there are 5 casinos. Voters have tried to pass laws to allow state-run casinos to enter the state however, the bill was vetoed. Players in the state of Kansas must be 21 or over to visit a casino there. Kansas also permits other forms of gambling like a State lottery where players only need to be 18 and over to play. Players may also find charity bingo events and scratch cards in the state of Kansas, to play these games players only need to be 18.

Online Casinos

Currently in the state of Kansas there are no laws against online gambling. Players can visit the federal law which states players must be 18 or over to participate in any kind of gambling. Some may wonder why many feel that online gambling is illegal, this is due to the passing of the UIGEA in 2006, which was a law that prohibited banks & credit card companies from making deposits into an online casino. However, since the passing of this law there have been many other methods to make deposits & withdrawals with. Online casinos offer United States players the best software available in online gambling. Players can choose from huge promotions, hundreds of games and many different deposit options.