Georgia Casinos

Georgia is ranked 24th in area out of all the 50 states, and is ranked 9th as far as population. Georgia is home to nearly 10,000,000 people and became a part of the United States on January 2, 1788 and was the 4th state. Georgia is known as the Peach State as well as the Empire State of the South. Georgia is bordered by Florida to the south, with the Atlantic Ocean and South Carolina on it’s eastern borders. You can find Alabama to the left of Georgia and Tennessee & North Carolina to the north. Georgia allows many different kinds of gambling including casino ship gambling, the lottery, charity & bingo gambling as well as online gambling.

Land Based Casinos

In the state of Georgia there are currently two casino ships, one docks in Savannah and the other docks in Brunswick. Both of these ships offer cruises throughout the day and on occasion will offer a cruise at night. Here, the ships will sail out three miles into where the international waters begin where gambling is legal. To take a casino cruise in Georgia a player must be 18 or over. Players will be able to find many different kinds of games like table games & slots.

Georgia has it’s own state lottery and allows players who are 18 and over to participate. The state lottery offers games such as; Powerball, Mega Millions, Cash 3, Fantasy 5, Cash 4 and more. Lotteries make up a big portion of public funding, the first lottery was actually in Italy way back in 1530. England was the next country to adopt this idea in the 1600′s. The first United States lottery was in Jamestown in 1612 which provided half of the budget for the town’s settlers. George Washington even used a major portion of the funds to pay for the Revolutionary war.

Online Casinos

Georgia does not have any laws at this time prohibiting online gambling. Within the United States, online gambling is legal and players can participate starting at age 18. Players can choose from more of a variety of games when playing online both American gaming and gaming from other countries is available there. Players usually can score much bigger bonuses when playing online with higher limits. The only law in effect for United States players is the UIGEA which prohibits them from making deposits online with their credit card or banking information. There are many different online casinos to choose from vs. land based casinos where as in the state of Georgia there are no options.