Delaware Casinos

Delaware is a relatively small state, the second to Rhode Island in it’s region. The state also ranks second in the United States for being the home to the most civilian scientists and engineers. Delaware only has three counties throughout the entire sate and is only 96 miles long. Delaware allows every kind of gambling possible. Here the lottery was instated in 1975, this was mainly due to the fact that the state’s neighbors, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland all had their own lotteries. Delaware remains a special state, in 1992 the government placed a ban on any kind of sports betting, this little state was allowed an exemption along with four other states because the ban could place the state’s budget in a deficit. Currently the state has a few different kinds of lottery games such as instant tickets, and powerball lotto games.

Land Based Casinos

Delaware also permits pari-mutuel betting on horse raceracing. Currently the state offers one thoroughbred racetrack and two harness tracks. In 1995 all types of slot machines and other gambling machines were authorized for the racetracks as well as an addition. Players who would like to participate in pari-mutuel gambling must be 18 or over. Delaware currently has three casinos that are Vegas-style casinos. At firs most of the casinos started out as just race tracks for pari-mutuel betting however slots were then introduced which took away from those who wanted to come to make bets. After this was discovered most of the racetracks converted a separate facility just for those who wanted to play casino games. For those who came to make bets on the races, they would have to make thier bets in a separate building. Players who would like to participate in casino style gambling must be 21 or over in the state of Delaware.

Online Casinos

The state currently does not have a law for online gambling. Players in the United States are able to gamble online when they are 18 and over. Online casinos for United States players offer the best in online gambling from the software to gaming selection. Online casinos also have much better promotions than land based casinos with deposit match bonuses. Some think online gambling isn’t legal however, there is no United States law banning online gambling. Players are not however, able to make deposits using their banking information or their credit card information per the UIGEA which was passed in 2006.

As of June 28th 2012, the state of Delaware has passed a law to allow online gambling. Many other states are also leaning toward the legalization of this form of gambling to add poker as revenue for the state. Some larger states such as Nevada have found that they could be bringing in as much as $4 billion to $10 billion per year with the legalization. This will give the state more income and satisfy those who have been eagerly awaiting the passing of this law. While there was no law preventing online gambling from casinos based in other countries, players in Delaware now have the safety of gambling on a site located within the states boarders.