Connecticut Casinos

Gambling in many forms has been a huge presence in Connecticut, the gaming officially started legally in 1971 where offtrack betting and horse-track betting were legalized. From there dog-racing and jai alai betting were legalized as well in 1972. At this point, other forms of gambling remained illegal until 1992 when a Native American tribe within the state of Connecticut asked to have bingo for money, from there the state granted this action. A few years later the tribe then asked to have casino gaming, after serious negotiations and court battles the tribe was granted casino gaming within their casino. Soon after the tribe also asked for slot machines this too was granted after the tribe offered to give the state 25% of the revenues from the slot machines. Here in Connecticut the Foxwoods casino is the largest casino in the world and spans over 284,000 square feet packed with gambling including a bingo hall, 4,500 slot machines and 312 tables.

Land Based Casinos

Players in Connecticut can participate in any kind of gambling from online gambling to charity bingo & pull tabs, the lottery, parimutuel and casino gaming. Players in most cases only need to be 18 to play in these events however to enter a casino in Connecticut a player must be 21 or over. There are two casinos in Connecticut, but don’t let that deter you, the casinos here are two of the largest casinos in the entire world and offer to the players anything they could possibly think of when it comes to gaming which may come as a surprise as Connecticut is one of the smaller states that is filled with government officials and their family.

Online Casinos

Online gambling laws in Connecticut have not yet been set so the player should revert back to the federal law. In the United States gambling online is legal. Players however, should be aware that they are not able to make deposits or process withdrawals using their bank account or credit card. Instead, many different ewallets have been created for the players to use when making a transaction with an online casino. Players can choose from a wide variety of games and deposit options with many different casino choices available for United States players. The federal online gambling age limit for United States players is 18 and over. Players should be aware of the gambling laws within their area when gambling online.