Colorado Casinos

Colorado has a strong presence within the gaming industry. Though gambling hasn’t always been legal as it stands today many forms of gaming is legal. Visitors and residents of Colorado can participate in casino gambling among other forms of gambling. Colorado’s gambling history starts as far back as 1822, the very first casino built on American soil was located on the intersecting corners of Colorado, Wyoming & Utah and was called Brown’s Saloon.

Land Based Casinos

From there the laws fluctuated. In the 1990′s the gambling industry in Colorado regained some stability when casino owners made their move into the state. Voters had the opportunity to vote on a bill to legalize gambling within the state and in 1991 the law was passed. The passing of this law did come with some circumstances. In the state, the maximum bet was $5 which has now been raised to $100. Players within the state of Colorado must be 21 or over to enter and play in a casino. Gambling in land based casinos can be found in Black Hawk, Central City and Cripple Creek which are all known as National Historic Districts which ties into the reason why this law was passed, to preserve the history of the towns.

There are a few differences within the state for casino gambling and Indian tribe casinos. In Colorado, Tribal casinos don’t have to follow the law for hours of operation there, casinos are able to stay open 24 hours a day, where as non-tribal gaming casinos are required to close their doors no later than 2:00am. Of the three towns where non-tribal gaming can be found Central City offers the largest amount of casino gaming facilitates however, since the location is much further from the main cities their revenue is much smaller than the other two cities. In total, Colorado’s casino revenue is about $148-million.

Online Casinos

Colorado also has no state law when it comes to online gambling. The United States currently has no laws prohibiting players from gambling online. However, within the United States depositing with a credit card or bank account information such as to deposit with an ACH deposit or wire transfer is illegal. Many other forms of depositing have been created for players to continue gaming online. Players can choose from many different games and casinos when playing online including craps, baccarat, poker, blackjack, keno & more. Players who would like to play online can participate at 18 and over. Players can also play Charity Bingo & Pull Tabs at 18, the state lottery at 18.