California Casinos

California is the sixth largest gambling state which has approximately a $700 billion economy and generates $14 billion per year from gambling. The loss to players currently sits at about $2.5 per year. Here players have many different opportunities available to them when it comes to gambling including online gambling, the state lottery, parimutuel horse betting, card clubs, Indian casinos & charity gambling. In California, Casino style gambling is prohibited aside from gambling inside of Tribal Casinos. Throughout the state there are currently 40 different Vegas Style casinos which offer slot machines among table games, keno & others.

Land Based Casinos

California is the second to New York which is one of the very few states that offers pari-mutuel betting currently this type of betting is limited to horse racing as there are no dog racing tracks located within the state. There are 16 Horse Racing facilities throughout the state for those who are 18 and over to visit & make bets.

Age limits for gambling within Tribal Casinos is based solely on the casino. Some allow players who are 18 and over to join in on the gaming action and others only allow those who are 21 and over. Keep in mind some casinos that allow players who are just 18 may have a section for just poker and may only allow those who are 21 and over to enter.

Private lotteries are prohibited within the state of California however there is a total of 5 different state lottery games along with scratch tickets as well. Bad beats & high hands are considered to be a part of private lotteries and are not paid out because they are considered to be illegal. Home poker games are not addressed within California’s gambling laws however some have said those found to be playing for money at home could face a misdemeanor charge along with a fine up to $5,000.

California Online Casinos

Online gambling is another activity that is legal in the state of California. Currently players have one obstacle which was placed in 2006 called the UIGEA which is enforced by the government. Since the law was enacted banking & other financial institutions are prohibited from processing any online casino transaction. With this, players have found many different ways & other companies that are legal to process these transactions which keeps online gambling flowing. Many state officials believe the full legalization and regulation of online gambling and poker would bring the state of California as much as $400 billion to the state to help offset the current budget crisis. Many bills have been drawn up and submitted however, the top officials have decided to wait until the beginning of 2012 to consider these bills.