Arizona Casinos

Arizona is one of the most recent states to legalize gambling of all types. During the 1990′s gambling became legal which brought the state of Arizona a large chunk of revenue as well as to the Native American tribes. Most of the gaming in Arizona takes place on tribal lands. Here players can bet on horse and hound racing, play bingo, the lottery, gamble in land based casinos and play online.

Land Based Casinos

Since the legalization of gambling within the state, 15 cities including Payson, Camp Verde, Prescott, Maricopa & Fountain Hills have adopted gaming facilities which feature the most popular game in the casino with over 13,000 slot machines, table games, poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette & more. Arizona is one of the few states that still offers Horse racing as well as greyhound racing. These types of racing are a big part of Arizona culture. Currently there are a few different operating horse racing tracks with Turf Paradise located in Phoenix and Yavapai Downs located in Prescott Valley Arizona. A greyhound racetrack can also be found in Apache Junction, Arizona. The Arizona state lottery began in 1981 which offers the traditionally lotto game as well as scratch-off instant win tickets.

The state of Arizona currently offers over 25 large casinos which are located mostly around the Phoenix Metro area as well as Tucson. Other casinos can be found to the East and West as well as along the Mexico border. For the majority of gaming in Arizona, players generally will need to be 21 & over. Those who would like to participate in gambling in a land based casino in Arizona must be 21 or over. Horse & hound racing also allows players who are 21 and over. For bingo & charity events players will only need to be 18 and over. To play the lottery, players must be 21 and over.

Online Casinos

Arizona also allows online gambling within the state. Some may feel that online gambling is illegal per the United States government. However, at this time the only law pertaining to online gambling is the UIGEA which was enacted in 2006 and states banks & financial institutions are prohibited from processing any transaction with online casinos. Since the law was passed, alternative methods have been created for players to make deposits into their online account. Though Arizona offers a great selection of casinos and horse racing tracks players can find an unlimited supply of gaming online with every casino game imaginable.