Gambling Laws by States

USA Online Casino Gambling Laws

There are 50 states, and no two states have the same gambling laws. There is one state within the United States that does not permit gambling of any kind which is Hawaii. The federal law for the United States allows gambling of any kind at age 18, but has left each state to individually place their own laws as far as gambling as they choose. There are several different kinds of gambling.

Parimutuel betting is the name of a betting system where players will place bets that will go into a pool, those who have picked the lucky winning numbers will split the pool among themselves. Most states allow parimutuel betting in forms of greyhound and horse racing. Parimutuel betting is one of the most popular form of gambling that is legal within the United States as only 8 states out of 50 do not offer this kind of gambling. At some racetracks slot machines and table games occupy a separate hall for those who would like to take on a different kind of gaming action.

Most states also offer a state lottery, there are 14 states that do not allow a lottery within the state; Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Hawaii & Wyoming. Some states do not offer a lottery like Nevada because there are many different casinos that offer keno & other lottery types of games which the state feels having a lottery might effect the revenue from those. A state lottery is a great way for the state to earn money to fund public programs like schools. Most states offer 7 different games and even pool together with multiple other states to make the winning jackpots larger!

Land based casinos are found in almost every state aside from 6 different states. Some other states may not allow land based casinos, instead the citizens there found a way around that by opening cruise ships to casinos where they will load up with passengers and sail out to international waters to participate in legalized gambling. Land based casinos also have different rules as far as age limits. Some usa online casinos allow players who are 18 and over, others allow players who are 21 and over. Tribal casinos in most states are legal to offer any type of game available where as state casinos may be limited to just bingo or table games.

Most states do not have actual laws against online gambling. Within the United States there has been 1 case where a citizen was prosecuted for gambling online. This player won a $300,000 jackpot at an online casino which triggered as suspicious activity. Aside from that even the states that do not permit online gambling such as Washington, there have been no arrests or convictions. There is one federal pertaining to online gambling which makes it illegal for banks or credit card companies to process any kind of transaction that is going to or coming from USA online casino account.