How to Play Pontoon

Online casinos usa brings to their players many choices when it comes to Blackjack & 21 games. One of the most popular versions of Blackjack is Pontoon, this is because the game is very similar. The game of Pontoon is exceptionally popular in Britain because it is the same game as Blackjack. The game usually seats about five to eight players in land based casinos. In the game of Pontoon, the amount of decks played in the game depends on how many players are seated at the table. The goal in the game of Pontoon is to reach the closest to 21 without going over but achieving a number closer to 21 than the dealer. In some online usa casinos, the player is able to surrender and walk away from the game, in others the player must complete the round.

In the game of Pontoon, card values are pretty important to understand fully before playing the game because Pontoon is one of the fastest games available in a casino.

Cards 2 – 10 are each worth their face value.

Face Cards, Queens, Kings & Jacks are worth 10 points each.

Aces are worth 11 points or 1 point depending on the player’s hand and how they would like to use it.

In the game of Pontoon, there are terms the player should also familiarize themselves with before starting a game.

Bust: Either the player or the dealer goes over 21.

Stand: The player has a hand they don’t want to add more cards to because they are close to 21 already.

Hit: Player would like another card from the dealer on their turn. This is typically when the player has less than 16 points on hand.

Double: Player would like another card and has high hopes that they will win the hand without a bust, this is called a double down. The player will place an additional wager and ask for another card.

Split: Player will have a pair in their hand, in the game of Blackjack the player is able to split those hands and place a second ante bet for the new hand. The first hand comes first the player will hit until they are satisfied and then the next hand is played.

Blackjack: Ace & 10 Card.

Five Card Trick: When the player has five cards that total or equal less than 21. The maximum times to hit on a hand is five times thus the name, five card trick.

The game is started with the player making their first bet. The cards are then dealt out to each player from left to right, one card is dealt face down, the second is dealt face up. Players will then look at their cards and decide what they would like to do, if they would like to hit, stand, double or split.

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