How to Play Craps

Craps is available in online casinos as well as land based casinos. Players who aren’t too familiar with casinos will automatically recognize a craps table when walking through a casino. It is the area where they will hear shouts, cheers and screams during game play. Craps is one of the most featured games in movies as well because it’s a team sport type of game. If a player tends to walk up on a craps table that is empty or quiet they should be aware that the loser 7′s have been coming up all too frequently.

The game of Craps is the fastest-paced game of all casino table games, Blackjack usually runs around 60 hands per hour, in craps players will see about 100 decisions per hour this is also due to the fact that multi bets can be on the table at the same time. Players will also notice the table is very large, as many as 24 players can participate in the game at once. Some players are intimidated by the Craps game because it looks very busy, however the game is actually pretty simple and is very exciting.

The layout of the table is pretty important to understand, the craps tables in land based casinos are usually double layouts, with the center being the area for the boxman who basically just supervises the game, and takes the cash to put it in a drop box, across from the boxman is the stickman who will use a stick to push the dice to the shooter, this is the person who controls the speed of the game and also calls out the results of each roll to keep up a continuous gameplay, he also encourages players to get their bets in quickly so more hands can be player. In the very middle of the table there are boxes for the one-roll bets. Craps has two dealers throughout the game, one on each side of the table to take bets, pay the winners and collect the losing bets. Around that area are where the players stand. In front of those players is the “pass” line, which is a bar that reaches around the whole able for players who are betting with the shooter. You’ll also see a smaller don’t pass line which is for players who are betting against the shooter. Marked on the table are also areas that are a marked ‘come’ and ‘don’t come’ which are also bets like the line bets but which are placed at different times during the game.

The first roll of the dice is called the come-out roll, this is when the players will place their bets by putting a chip on the pass line in front of the player or a don’t pass bets like which is in front of the don’t pass bar. 1 player is designated as the shooter who will then fling the dice against the opposite wall of the table, if the outcome on the come-out roll is 7 – 11, pass bets are winners and don’t pass bets are losers. If the come-out roll is 2, 3, or 12 this is called Craps, pass bets are then deemed as losing bets. The shooter is then chosen by going around the table clockwise.

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