Casino War

How to Play Casino War

Casino War is a popular game in online casinos usa. Some believe this game gained popularity because people learn to play the game as they are young. Most people have experienced Casino War at some point in their life before they hit the casinos. The game is very similar in casinos as it is at home with the addition of money, and a few rules. Casino war in online casinos usa is a very fast paced game like Blackjack, some players like to play in online casinos usa before they play in a casino because they can control the speed of the game while they are learning the ropes. This is a game of luck so there really aren’t any strategies involved which makes for a simple fun game. The game can be played with anywhere between 2 and 10 people. Six decks of 52 cards are used within the game. Card rankings are the same as with poker hand rankings, the only difference is that suits make no difference in the game of Casino War. Here are the hand rankings;

Royal Flush
A straight from a ten to an ace

Straight Flush
Any straight

Four of a Kind
Any four cards of the same rank.

Full House
Any three cards of the same rank together with any two cards of the same rank.

Any five cards of the same suit

Any five consecutive cards of different suits.

Three of a Kind
Any three cards of the same rank.

Two Pair
Any two cards of the same rank together with another two cards of the same rank.

One Pair
Any two cards of the same rank.

High Card
Any hand not in the above-mentioned hands.

The game begins when the player makes their first wager, from there the dealer will deal out the cards around the table to each player who will receive one card, the dealer will also receive one card. When the player receives their card, it is compared to the dealer’s card to determine the winner. If the player’s card is higher, they are the winner and is paid out even money! When the dealer’s card is higher they are deemed the winner and the player loses the bet.

In the event there is a tie between a player and the dealer, there is a choice to be made. The player can choose to forfeit the bet and leave the game or they can go to war with the dealer! The player will then be required to make an additional bet for the same amount as the first bet. The dealer will then deal out three cards face down for both himself, and the player. The final card is dealt for each which is placed on the table face up. As with the first round, the person with the higher card is deemed the winner!

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