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Many are familiar with the ever-popular Android operating system. A little bit of background information on the company, the system is a linux-based operating system which was financially backed by Google from the beginning but was later purchased by the company in 2006. The software company is key choice to those who require low-cost, customizable operating systems in a lightweight fashion. Many devices run off of the Android operating system such as phones and tablets in the most popular form and televisions, gaming consoles and digital cameras as well. The open feeling of the software keeps its customers very happy. Those who prefer change also like the Android operating system as opposed to Apple because the company is always re-inventing themselves. In 2012, the company had a huge number of device activations sitting at around 750 million with 1.5 million activations just per day.

Android Casinos

Many are unaware of the technology available in the way of casinos. As one of the very first forms of entertainment, it’s no wonder the gaming industry is still alive and thriving today. Though, the industry as a whole has undergone scrutiny of all kinds, gambling is now more accessible than ever before. Players can now head down the street to a land based casino in most cases, but for those who do not live in an area with a casino they can head to the internet to have a little fun. The newest form of gambling to become available is mobile gaming. Some online casinos are now rolling out a mobile variation of their software which is compatible with Android devices as well as iPad and iPhone devices. The great thing about mobile casinos is the simplicity. Players will have just a few games to choose from and will be able to take those games with them on the go. Most of the time in online casinos, you will find hundreds of gaming choices. With mobile casinos, you won’t find more than 28 at one casino site.

Android Casino Choices
Slotland Casino

Visit Slotland Android Casino
Slotland is a choice for players who like variety. The different gaming choices here vary but are all from the slots family. Slotland offers over 28 different gaming styles to its players, all with different titles, color schemes and bonus structures. This particular casino is a mobile platform only and does not offer online gaming to its players.

Drake Casino

Visit Drake Android Casino
Drake Casino is another great selection for players which offer them the ability to sign up from their mobile devices such as Androids, iPads or iPhone technology. In addition to mobile casino gaming Drake casino also offers a full online casino. The mobile casino here only offers three different gaming choices which for some, is more than enough to keep them occupied. Mobile casinos have an advantage because they come in handy when waiting on a friend, in a line or any other situation.

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