There is actually two Powerball lottery games. One is located in America and the other in Australia. We’re going to talk about the one in America! Currently the game is offered in 44 states. In 2013, California will join in making that number go up to 45 states. Currently there is a minimum jackpot of $40 million. Jackpot winners will have the annuity option which is paid out over time in 30 installments. In addition, players also have the choice for a cash option as well. Lotteries are a growing trend as more states are jumping on board with this great program.

How to Play Powerball

Powerball players will first purchase a ticket for $2 there is also the ability to purchase a Power Play option which is $3 additionally. The game uses 5 winning balls out of 59 total white balls plus 1 powerball jackpot out of 35. Players will choose five numbers from 1 to 59 for the regular winning numbers and a number from 1 to 35 for their Powerball jackpot number. The drawings are then held and a player will check their tickets to see if they have won. If there are no winners, the jackpot will go up and wait until the next drawing.

Where is Powerball Played?

Powerball tickets can be found in convenience stores, at gas stations, in grocery stores and many other places around cities and towns. Players can purchase multiple tickets as well, depending which state they live in. The Powerball drawings are held on Wednesday and Saturday nights at 10:00PM Eastern Standard Time. The drawings take place in Florida, previously they were held in Orlando now they are held in Tallahassee at the high-tech lottery studios located there.

Powerball History

1988 was the first year the Powerball was introduced in select states. From there, many states jumped on board to sign on and start playing. As the years go by, more and more states are joining in the fun including the latest state; California which will be a part of the Powerball lotteries sometime in 2013. The Powerball game has set an American record for the largest lottery prize on just one ticket. The winner was from Michigan with an annuity prize of $587,500,000 and $364,700,000 in cash. The only states which do not offer this type of lottery are; Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming.

Some may feel as though they would rather play online or in a land based casino before turning to the lottery. Others feel as though the lottery can boost their paychecks and buy tickets each pay period. The lottery is not for everyone as it does require a bit of patience as it takes a couple of days to find out if you were a big winner at all. Players have the ability to buy tickets at certain ages depending on the state a player lives in. Some states allow it at 18, others allow it later.

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