The Android Gambling Revolution

While the entire world continuous to delight over the incessantly growing and developing mobile technology, online gambling sites are using this to their advantage by joining the heist and creating their own cellular phone applications. Though Apple is still on the highest rank in terms of app downloads, the android playstore by Google is slowly picking up the pace, and is projected to gain more users and eventually greater demands for the many years to come. Today, android and iOS are up to par when it comes to solid performance, leaving behind another competitor, Windows mobile. In light of this issue, top online casinos took the world by surprise when they formally established a mobile-based arena or their customers. A lot of them have focused on using the advanced technology to their advantage and began weaving some extraordinary and extremely promising android applications that are surprisingly taking the world by a storm.

The result may be far from the intended outcome, but it is regarded as the stepping stone for the mobilization of the online casino business. Casino players do not need to check their accounts through their personal computers, let alone enjoy a round or two of online gaming using such. They can simply access their accounts and even the gaming software of their online casino using their android devices. They can instantly emerge into an hour or two of gambling through their phones or tablets and whatnot. Analysts point out that this favors the players since they can now enjoy their favorite games anywhere and everywhere. According to surveys, the top-of-the-line casinos in the android scene include those that are UK-based, such as 32Red, All Slots, mFortune, William Hill, Casino Tropez, and other casinos as well. Nonetheless, the list also includes gambling sites from Canada, Australia and the United States, such as Slotland Mobile Casino.

Aside from the obvious advantage of android devices when it comes to accessibility, there are also other upsides involved in mobile gambling. For one, since they are technologically-advanced, the graphics, animation, and sound quality are expected to be crisp, vibrant, and of high quality. Many analysts even opine that with the advancement of android apps comes the better quality of gaming. Casino apps are deemed to have wonderful pixels and greater image quality since they are remotely accessed through devices smaller than ordinary personal computers and the like. The sound quality also goes impeccably well with the highly advanced speaker and volume quality of android devices, making gaming even more interesting, if not spellbinding.

Additionally, since most if not all of android devices available today have touch screen features that are instantaneously responsive, playing casino apps have remarkably become easy and fast. Placing bets, moving cards, and controlling slot machines can now be realized in as easy as a few clicks. Hence, playing android apps has become rewarding and a fun-filled experience. Furthermore, there is the joy of finding mobile communities depending on the online casino application one is using. Many internet-based casinos opened their doors into social-networking media by incorporating the likes into their applications’ third-party features.

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