Internet Gaming in Illinois

The Legalization of Internet Gaming in Illinois

IllinoisThe state of Illinois has had a lot in the news lately when it comes to gaming. Some from within the state are really pushing for the legalization of online gaming because it will do the state some good! Within the state it’s not illegal to gamble on the internet however, there are no laws allowing casinos or companies to open online casinos within the state which leaves millions in revenue from internet gambling heading overseas to other countries.

In recent months, we’ve seen the legalization of online gambling in Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey. Two of those places shouldn’t come as any shock because they are known to be gambling paradise to many. The state’s prompt legalization came shortly after a revenue analysis was performed within the state. In Nevada, a projected 4.8 billion dollars could have been accrued each year from internet gambling alone. The bills for these three states were passed in February, Nevada already has their first online poker room up and running and it has taken off in a huge way. It is projected that the companies interested in opening their doors for online gaming will be casino operators already. Many who operate land based casinos will simply make an adjustment to include online gaming into their portfolios of games.

Players often times turn to online casinos because they feel there aren’t enough casinos within close distance for a good variety of choices. Another huge reason for online gaming is the fact that many players like the larger bonuses associated with making deposits. Sometimes, in online casinos, players will have the ability to utilize a free cash bonus which gives them chances to earn money without having to deposit any of their own.

In the last week, the state of Illinois had a bill on the table which included a proposal for five new casinos in the Land of Lincoln and slot machines being installed in two of the airports in conjunction with online gambling to boost revenue for the state. In total, all of the proposed ideas were vetoed due to technical errors so there is no doubt this bill will be seen again and soon. The state has seen a major jump in lottery sales since players were eligible to purchase tickets from the internet.

Illinois is the fifth largest state in the United States and will be one of the very first of the mid-west to legalize online gambling.

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