First Nevada Online Poker Room Goes Live!

The gaming industry as a whole has undergone a major transformation since its dice days. Land based casinos are popping up everywhere and now, players can even seek out gaming choices online and on their mobile devices. In more recent gambling news, Nevada has just opened its very first Online Poker Room. This may come as a shock to some since the law to allow online gaming from within the state was just passed within mere weeks. Online casinos have been operating since 1992 but this will be the first of its kind operating from within the United States.

The online gambling industry seems pretty straight-forward however, players and casinos alike have had to jump through various hoops in order to get things to run smoothly. In 2005, the UIGEA was passed which prohibited players from making any kind of deposit into an online casino or poker room from their credit or debit card accounts. Since the law was not black and white, it was thrown out in 2011, leaving players to then resume their normal depositing with Visa or MasterCard accounts. This method is now the most popular form of deposit methods due to its simplicity and security features.

In 2013, the state of Nevada, as well as New Jersey and Delaware all passed laws to allow casinos to open up for online business within the state. This came after the states turned to public opinion as well as took a look at the revenue that could be had for the state. In this case, in Nevada, the state was missing out on about 4-8 billion dollars per year. The state of Nevada has 3 million residents and a very large gambling presence so it came as no surprise once the law was passed.

To gain licensing and the green light to start an online casino seemed like a never-ending marathon to some. For the Fertitta brothers, this was a walk in the park it seems like as they are the first to open an online poker room. The poker room welcomes players from Nevada at this time but may offer its gaming features to those in other states too. The Fertitta brothers have been in the gaming industry for quite some time. They are 45% owner of the Station Casinos brand which gives them sound knowledge of not only poker but casino management too. Now, the online world is a bit different however, they also manage the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) which markets to 21-25 year old males, the same target market as online poker which majorly works in their favor.

The online gaming world is evolving in leaps and bounds. Players will have several options in the current months available to them where they’ll have the ability to gamble from the comfort of their own home with a trustworthy casino located in the United States.

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