California to Legalize Online Poker

California Casinos Look to the Legalization of Online Poker

The online gaming world is up and coming state by state. Players in the United States have been on a roller coaster for years now when it comes to online gambling. Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey were some of the very first three states to legalize online gambling within their states and Nevada has already opened it’s very first online poker room which seems to be doing quite well. Will California be the next state to pass laws and get online gambling some attention? This may very well be the case.

Several tribes within the state of California and their representatives have met privately to get a proposal going which would legalize online poker. Tribal leaders and casino owners from within the state are seeing the major differences in revenues from just the one poker room opened for the internet in Nevada. Riverside and San Bernardino Counties are two of the hardest hit counties in the entire nation so it’s no wonder they are looking for a breath of relief when it comes to rebounding with the economy. The casinos would like to open their own online poker rooms which would first need to go through a series of laws.
In the past, these tribes have tried to no avail to get laws signed to welcome this form of gambling however; they have been tossed out. Now since other states have been going through the motions they are in a sense setting a playbook for California tribes to follow. In the past, the casinos also thought the online poker rooms would threaten their revenues in the land based casinos but this just hasn’t been the case in Nevada.

So far, Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians and The Pechanga Bands are in talks of the legalization of poker. A main concern for the state though, is the fact that the larger casinos will be able to afford the licensing whereas other smaller casinos may not, leaving them out of this very large industry. This could potentially cause harm to their revenues in general and may affect the land based casinos and their operations.

Why do many already play in online casinos? Online casinos have been around since 1992 and many players turn to these types of casinos because the promotions are generally larger due to the lower overhead costs. Also, some seek these gaming styles strictly for the monetary value and do not wish to participate in any of the social aspects of the games which are unavoidable within land based casinos. As many of us have witnessed in the past, the state of California does take it’s time when it comes to recognizing and passing laws so it may be months before we see any more changes with the proposed bills.

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