Different Types of Online Casino Bonuses

The Five Different Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Some may question the reasoning behind a player’s want to play online instead of in a land based casino. The difference can be as simple as the ability to score larger amounts of cash through casino bonus codes. In land based casinos, players most often will have the ability to earn a free gift such as an umbrella or a buffet! In this article you’ll see the different types of online casino bonuses. Keep in mind we are only listing bonuses from the most reputable USA accepting casinos, while there may be many other offers out there, for the safety of our players we are only listing the best of the best.

These are also very popular and offered at almost every casino available. The welcome bonuses usually come in the form of packages where players can make deposits in installments in order to earn a whole bunch of cash over time to play with. Aladdin’s Gold Casino is one of the best for this type of bonus as they offer a 200% deposit match bonus for 7 days which is uncapped and offers players the ability to make several deposits and make extra cash on top of each one.

These types of codes are very popular and range from small dollar amounts to large dollar amounts. Many of the players will redeem these bonuses and feel like they gained nothing however, this is a unique way to learn about the gaming choices, live chat support (if applicable) and how the cashing out process works. While some players will win some money, the reason players have a low chance of winning using these types of bonuses is because online casinos have a set play through requirements which players must meet before cashing out. Anything that is left over after the requirements are met is cash in the winner’s pocket! A great casino that offers this type of bonus is High Noon Casino, they offer a $60 chip for free upon signup!

These are the most popular kinds of bonus codes, all casinos offer them with their own terms. A lot of times they will be referred to as reload bonuses and other names. Players will redeem a code which sometimes requires speaking with a live chat representative, they will then make a deposit and voila! Players will have extra cash in their account to play with.

These are very similar to no deposit bonus codes, the casino will give the players a large amount of cash from hundreds to thousands along with a specific time limit and play through requirements. In the fine print many casinos will add that players will only be able to keep up to $100 after the time runs out despite the amount of cash in their bank after the time runs out. These types of bonuses are thrilling and fun but leave little to no room to browse through the games since the time goes by very quickly. Unfortunately at this time no USA friendly online casinos currently offer timed bonuses.

A High Roller Bonus is generally the same as deposit match bonuses except they are multiplied. Usually players will need to be making a deposit of over $500 and up. These promotions are on-going for the most part. In order to be a high roller at some casinos, players will need to join the high roller club which requires them to have made many high dollar deposits.