Progressive Slots

Slots are undoubtedly the most popular game in casinos. When you visit an online casino, the majority of the games include over 80 different slots choices at a minimum. In land based casinos, also known as brick and mortar casinos players will be able to see the large gaming selection as well. For those who don’t pay too much attention to the slots choices before them, they will see that there are many different titles and options within the broad range of slots. One of those types of slots, which is the most popular and may sometimes have a line at the casino are progressives. These types of slots are truly unique and offer players a huge advantage over the other different types of slots. Some slots will feature bonus rounds which will also give players and advantage however, progressives are the most lucrative If the timing is right.

What Are Progressives?

These wonderful gaming choices welcome players to your traditional gaming style of slots with one major twist; players here will have the ability to earn a very large jackpot if they are sitting in the right seat at the right time. Players who choose progressives in a land based casino may even have the ability to earn a prize such as a car or a trip. With progressives, players will also find in land based casinos that there may be a line behind a “lucky” machine on any given night. In online casinos this does not matter as players can use any game they would like.

How to Identify Progressive Slots

Players in land based casinos will usually look for a light or several lights outlining a jackpot. There are usually several different machines in a row which are the progressive slots. In online casinos, players will click the progressives tab and head to the game of their choice. Online casino bonuses are smaller than in land based casino however; the odds are higher for a max payout.

How do Progressives Work?

Progressives operate the same way as your typical casinos with the addition of a progressive side jackpot. The jackpots are the combined earnings of 6-10 machines. The jackpot amount is displayed and once the specific jackpot is hit, the jackpot starts over. Progressive jackpots are completely randomized through each machine and have the ability to bring the players a five to six figure win.

Progressive Slot Bonuses

Another reason to play slots gaming choices online is the fact that players will have a wonderful selection of promotions available to them. Most promotions are game specific with slots, players tend to have a higher percentage which the casino will match with a higher cap on how much a player can redeem. In online casinos, players have the ability to sign up for a casino, make their first deposit and start playing within just minutes. Some casinos located over-seas offer a progressive jackpot which is linked from their online casinos as well as land based casinos for an even bigger jackpot.

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