The most commonly played online casino slots

Slots are the most commonly played game in the gambling industry. Whether you are a brick and mortar type of player or an online casino player, you will be sure to notice most of the gaming choices are slots. For many casinos, almost 70% of their gaming choices consist of this wonderful gaming type. Players like this game for many different reasons, one of them being the hours of entertainment provided with small amounts of money needing to be wagered. In land based casinos players will find slots as low as just one penny. There are several different types of slots which feature something a little bit different from the next. Generally, game play is easy yet fun and thrilling. Some players who use the game only for the monetary value can hit max bet and just go from there in hopes of winning a large jackpot. Below we will talk about the different gaming styles associated with slots!


Progressives can bring the player quite a big win so we’ll start here. Like any other standard slots gaming choice players will have the ability to make their own bets on lines or columns and betting however much they would like. Progressives have an added bonus which could land a player a six figure bonus, a car, luxury cruise and many other different types of prizes. Land based casinos as well as online casinos feature slots which work the same way. The slots will be linked between several other slots games, from there; they will pool the money that is deposited into the game. A winning machine is chosen at random at any given time so the jackpots will vary from time to time ranging from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars in total.

5 Reel Slots

Five Reel Slots are your more modern form of slots as the major difference between these is that they offer five spinning reels of icons instead of just three. Players with these types of slots will have the ability to bet more money as well as maximize their bets when they use the Max-Bet buttons available to them. Players will also have the ability for more bonus rounds and special icons unlike with three reel slots. One great thing about these type of slots in online casinos is that players will have the ability to set the speed and betting cycles on their own with a pre-determined budget.

3 Reel Slots

Three reel slots are your traditional slots types where players will just have three spinning reels before them. This makes betting very easy and gives new players an easy learning hand on how to play. Traditionally, three reel slots do not offer any kind of bonus round or perks within game play as they are your basic form of slots. Three reels are found often in land based casinos and online casinos alike to accommodate players.