The Dutch site offers labeled WSOP cards

The Dutch website claims that it can sell you labeled cards identical to those used in the World Series, as well as special contact lenses or micro-cameras that allow you to read them. also states that it can insert microchips into the Modiano WSOP deck, and the information from the cards will be read using a mobile phone or a special keychain. And while the site has a disclaimer that emphasizes that cards and readers should only be used for entertainment purposes, and in no case in real casinos, a company spokesman told PokerNews that players could theoretically try to use them at the 2015 WSOP. .

“Our range includes the Modiano WSOP model,” said a spokesman for “You can use them wherever it is possible to replace cards, that is, to replace real cards with labeled ones. In that case, everything will work.”

In addition, offers to notice any deck sent to them by the customer. The site also sells contact lenses, sunglasses, cameras and other devices for reading marked cards, plus invisible ink that you can mark the cards yourself.

Of course, WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart said that anyone exposed to the use of such products in the World Series, face the most serious consequences.

“If someone tries to introduce inauthentic chips or cards into the game, they face at least a life ban from participating in World Series tournaments,” he said.

It will be recalled that the WSOP management is currently investigating possible fraud at the heads-up championship, which ended last week. According to available information, the case was transferred to the relevant structures of the state of Nevada.

A player accused of using marked cards strongly denies his guilt. WSOP Vice President of Corporate Communications Seth Palanski noted that a preliminary inspection of the maps did not reveal any marks or traces of special fluids.

However, Stewart said such sites are a serious problem for the casino and poker industry. WSOP management will closely monitor the situation and will do everything possible to prevent the use of such products in the World Series.

“Organizations that offer such products are nothing more than a lower form of rodent. I would compare measures to curb their use with the fight against moles in your backyard,” he said. “We are actively fighting against those who use our trademarks in such an offensive context, but we are mainly focusing our efforts on preventing the use of such products at the WSOP. As far as we know, none of these products have been used in the World Series. we are not talking about all the security, surveillance and control measures at our disposal, but believe me, we are working hard to make the World Series a safe environment with an atmosphere of fair play. ”

“We believe that the level of action we take is equivalent to or even higher than that of any poker operator. And yet the best” guards “have always been the players themselves. We encourage all players to feel free to contact the tournament management if they notice anything suspicious.” .

The holder of six World Series bracelets Daniel Negranu belongs to the camp of those players who voiced their claims to the new Modiano cards. Daniel in particular claims that they are inconvenient, easy to mark, in addition, it is often difficult to distinguish clubs from peaks.

Negranu also said that he is not afraid to use any marked cards at the WSOP, similar to those sold on, because the potential scammer will immediately have big problems.

“The main difficulty here is how to put these cards into play,” he explained. “If dealers change the decks regularly, which they usually do, it’s not easy to benefit from a substitution. Suppose he exchanged a pair of cards in one of the circles, but they will change the deck soon. It’s another matter if they can substitute as much as they want will not allow to do “.

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